Abstract Orange & Lines

Paper Strip Playground

Tissue Paper Trees

Clay Pattern Tablet

Winter Pine Tree Forest

Fall Harvest Collage

Leaf Rubbings

Ship-Shape Houses (Palafitos/Casitas Coloradas)

Thin Cardboard Collograph Monoprints

Texture Sandwiches

Tissue Wrapping Paper



Matisse Paper Cut Outs

Picasso Portraits

Aquarium Tunnel Books

Hot Air Balloon Landscapes

Jungle Observational Drawing

Clay Penguins

Sugar Skulls




Snowy Cardinals

Abstract Oil Pastel Mood Drawings

Collage Landscapes (Alaska)

Origami Puppets

Calder-Inspired Mobiles

Paper Strip Monster Faces

Faith Ringgold Tar Beach Silhoutte Quilt

Winter Tree


Aboriginal Animals

Weaving Bags

Helmuth Inspired “When I Grow Up” Collage

Charley Harper Birds


Doodle Name Pattern

Name Monster

Watercolor Portraits

Collage Portraits

Space Birds (Fred Tomaselli)

Plaster Giacometti Body Forms

Modigliani  Portraits

Op Art Weaving


Pop Art Papier Mache Sculpture

Wolf Khan Trees








-Beginning of the Year- Sketchbooks Portfolios Folders -Fillers- Snow Globes

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