“Everything is Awesome!” So much out there for me to learn and complete. Wondering how much to share and expose. I just want to be happy. I wonder if I am making good choices. … life.   I still want to create a super organized space to catalogue of everything. I do not know what … Continue reading

Student artwork

2nd grade – Miro constellations with oil pastel and watercolor Found doodle… slenderman? 4th grade Upside down photograph of Klee “Castle and Sun” drawing from a sub lesson Kindergarten – shape collographs followed by primary color monoprints and patterned display borders.

2014 begins…

I have uploaded the wordpress app to my phone. I hope that this will make it easier for me to upload examples of my students’ work and document life in the art room more effectively. Our first day back was yesterday.  I definitely took it easy. Finished our la palma “paintings” with third grade. Taught … Continue reading

Summer Vacation

I started my summer early. I really can’t complain about anything. I’m am so very thankful for every single person and experience in my life. It is so difficult but people really make a huge difference in life.  I have been to two festivals this summer. I definitely do whatever I put my mind to. … Continue reading

March Linking

http://www.tribal-software.com/imaginary.html http://artistaday.com/

First Sick Day ever! (as a teacher)

I am learning so much this year. It finally hit me. I got sick! I was doing so well. I had made it nearly through half the year with no need to call out of work. Now its Tuesday night and I am staying up awake instead of sleeping as I should to recover and … Continue reading

New Proposal

… Okay… so, PAUSE, Yes. Take a moment.  Breathe. In an effort to make my life easier for myself and take advantage of the opportunity to selflessly talk about myself in the third person, practice and maintaining my writing skills and grammar, and digitally keep my Art Ed things organized and accessible, I WILL BLOG … Continue reading

MOMA Printmaking Interactive Demo


Elementary School Problems

Today, I had to cut tape out of a young boy’s hair in second grade. K called G a bad boy so G responded with a rolled up sticky piece of tape in K’s hair… elementary school problems. Also had a Mootisse vs. Pigcasso situation in first grade. “Your drawing is ugly” – “Well, your drawing is … Continue reading

God Bless America