2014 begins…

I have uploaded the wordpress app to my phone. I hope that this will make it easier for me to upload examples of my students’ work and document life in the art room more effectively.

Our first day back was yesterday.  I definitely took it easy. Finished our la palma “paintings” with third grade. Taught fourth grade how to make books. Read The Snowy Day to kindergarten and should them how to draw snowflakes with lines and shapes.  This first grade always moves ahead and in the past few classes during free draw in the last 5 minutes, I dabbled with paper cutting and piqued their interest.  In class,  I decided to teach them how to cut paper snow flakes. That was fun. For some reason I thought it would be beneath me to teach snow flakes… until I realized that the still hadn’t learned how to do it and it was my responsibility to teach them. Second grade went well as we managed to paint our pine trees for our cardinals.  I need to modify that for this class in time fir our next meeting.

One thing I was not prepared for was the GERMS. Totally got sick on the first day back. Started noticing a raspy throat and not feeling well in kindergarten. I thought it was just because my voice had been out of practice… no I was getting sick. I am ao thankful for the snow day today. Last night was miserable. Snow… that’s another reason why yesterday with all the snowflakes was amazing!


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