Summer Vacation

I started my summer early. I really can’t complain about anything. I’m am so very thankful for every single person and experience in my life. It is so difficult but people really make a huge difference in life. 

I have been to two festivals this summer. I definitely do whatever I put my mind to. It may take a while but I eventually complete my tasks. I will get an MFA, I will teach/work abroad, and I will join PeaceCorps one day. 

I have absolutely no idea where I will be going in life. I am truly scared and excited at the same time. I am scared of something bad happening. Getting smacked in the face by reality and cruelty; I am not ready for that. 

I guess I have been going out of my mind with the freedom because I have most definitely have been keeping myself busy. I have been travelling, doing things with friends, and focusing on attempting to shift the immediate space around me. I have also been running away. I am terrible at confronting emotions. I am so afraid of them that I just run and pretend to be oblivious. I am… I am ignorant and blissful… I like to think that at least. 

So far I have torn out the carpeting in my living room, moved several boxes back and forth and all around, a gypsy belt, a cut-out rave shirt, peacock feather headpiece, mended my skirt, and a couple of friendship bracelets. 

I need to get my priorities straight – 1) Detailed Planning for Common Ground. 2) Sort and Organize all the paper work and materials I gathered in my mess. 3) Digitally organize teaching tools. 4) Experiment with crafts… learn new skills, practice old ones … Mastery. 


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