First Sick Day ever! (as a teacher)

I am learning so much this year. It finally hit me. I got sick! I was doing so well. I had made it nearly through half the year with no need to call out of work. Now its Tuesday night and I am staying up awake instead of sleeping as I should to recover and feel better – feeling conflicted about possibly calling out sick tomorrow.

… I did not write up complete sub plans. I started them, but being in 4 schools with different procedures in each school made the task confusing and overwhelming especially with all the other planning and familiarization. SO here I am… debating whether a) call sick, fill out a sub request now, and quickly find a lesson for my students (drop it off early in the morning); b) go to school, do exactly what I planned with my morning classes, then leave early (somehow?); or c) go to school and struggle through the day while potentially spreading germs.

Excuse to search the internet and resurface art ed blogs. Here is what I found tonight:

As I get more familiar with these blog site platforms, I hope to better organize and visually arrange with blog with lessons, images, and resources. Of course there is pinterest but thats too much for me right now.

… Okay. I have a plan and a really wonderful friend. Now I just need to get my materials and sub folder ready for tomorrow. I have a lot of things I need to organize and print. ugh. OCD tendencies.


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