New Proposal

… Okay… so, PAUSE, Yes. Take a moment.  Breathe.

In an effort to make my life easier for myself and take advantage of the opportunity to selflessly talk about myself in the third person, practice and maintaining my writing skills and grammar, and digitally keep my Art Ed things organized and accessible, I WILL BLOG on WordPress. I have meandered on the net doing my fair share of facebook and tumblr. I have accounts on the usual website suspects but I hardly ever use them. [Instagram – to follow my family and Tadanobu Asano; Twitter – business, entertainment, and arts; Google+ – ???] I still don’t trust the digital medium. I’d feel better with these thoughts in my sketchbook. Did I mention my writing skills are lacking?

Well, 2 years after my graduation, I am now a Part-time Art Specialist. Its been really great! I love my job, I love my students, and my schools are pretty great for the most part. Its my first year teaching and am split between 4 schools. I am feeling very blessed. The art teachers in my schools are amazing. The have their gifts and have been wonderful enough to share their knowledge with me. As I continue to an exponential growth of knowledge in this field, I hope I can inspire others. Let me be your muse… (This deserves a doodle to describe the irony)

Goals: Keep track of the projects I come across and connect with others.  Take pictures. Keep notes. Categorize each entry with key concepts, materials, themes, and grades. Be inspired!

(Yay! I haven’t lost all faith! Momentarily closed this page but luckily there was a draft saved. Thank you Programmers for programming that safety. )


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