8/25 … in case you didn’t know…

Yoga is amazing. Thank you to the teachers in the world that help teach others and improve humanity. Intelligence is dangerous. It is power and authority. I ask many questions and that in itself is its own weaponry…


Thank you. I believe I have the gift of vision. I can see and perceive. I am thankful. Archetypes exist. Relationships are true. People are scary. This is going to be a great year. So many things to be thankful and so many concurrent circles and spirals and rings. Its true – the circle is the greatest shape ever. Although each shape can be arguably the best shape ever. Why? The ellipse demonstrates cycles as well in terms of distances from the center. While the circle if placed on its side in a plane would demonstrate highs and lows. The would be a lot better to visualize within a sketchbook on paper. Blogging sucks. But I started and I have two options: 1) either continue and persist, turn it into a habit OR 2) stop.

I saw blue. I saw the swirl and the ellipse with rippling rings. Radiation and illumination. Beautiful. Body. Mind. Eye. Distance. Peace.


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