Oh yeah

So I remembered my first thought that prompted me to write earlier. I’ve reached art teacher mode. This is going into my journal. “Multiple documentation sucks” – Natalie R., wordpress blog post

I have become that person that get home so exhausted they just go inside, shove their face, and then fall asleep – forgetting about the world, other people, and the fact the their car still has the top down and it happened to start raining in the mean time. Thank you mother. As tired and cranky as I am… thank you. Without you I would have a soggy car, dirty bath tub, and dishes in the sink. I get irritated but I think this is the point were I’ll be thankful for every single thing. I will need as much help as I can get but I realize I also need to exert my rights and advocate for my piece of mind and sanity. I do feel susceptible to every relationship and tension at work. I am above it. I can’t let it affect me earlier on, I was warned… Thank you. 

I have started hoarding supplies and recycled materials like any good art teacher would. Oh no. 


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