And its contagious.

I don’t trust this medium. Its happened again, I wrote some great ideas that I had and my fast fingers entered the wrong pattern of letters. Ooops. 

I love paper. Writing and drawing, having something tangible to feel, touch, see. 

Anyways, I am the same person I was 20 years ago. I am exactly the same as I was back then. I am quiet, shy, and reserved. I love movies and stories. I always knew what I wanted and identified the best method to get it. Always using subtlety and aloofness. It was a game sometimes. I was always busy with a mission. I was also very creative and imaginative. It was the best.

Maybe I was always a ninja. Going after free things, food, and entertainment. Any opportunity there was, I took it. I don’t remember so much of this in school but maybe my students will teach me. The thing that seems to make me the most nervous about teaching is being in the same space with in such an important shared experience. Minds grow exponentially. I seem to have reached the next level and I’m terrified and nervous of all the first times there will ever be. I am a teacher. 



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