I still don’t trust this medium. Just found out that a really sweet note that I wrote a few days ago didn’t get posted. My goof!

I had an awesome birthday filled with really great people and oddities included.

Before I forget some of the sentiments of the last unposted post – umm… awesomeness

This is a future note to the person that will mean so much to me and be so dear. I love you and I miss you. If we haven’t met yet, I am really looking forward to meeting you and experiencing the events to occur in our lives. If we have met, then… I’m looking forward to the moment where things will change.

Shlomo – “Rained the Whole Time” (Nicolas Jaar remix) & The XX – Angels

I may need a layout that is more comfortable for me to up keep. Anyways, I had an awesome birthday. I love the people around me who care about me and value me as much as I value them. I love them all! Thank you!

My next few weeks will be filled with good times, shows, birthdays, and festivities. I’m going to meet so many new faces this week and the next. I am sorry I wasn’t the person you wanted me to be but I think I have become the person I wanted to be and I am working at becoming even better each time. The time is right. Twin Shadow – “Patient”.

Onward and Upward … WARDS? forwards backwards rewards awards downwards WARDS war? rawr.


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