Hello Again!

I am 10 days away from turning 24. Yep. …? 

Life is good and I’ve reached my goals thus far but I HAVE NO IDEA what is next. Aug 18th and maybe the morning of the 19th is all I have planned for. Yep a night of burlesque, bourbon and good company followed the next morning with a light hangover (ideally none). 

The universe has been strange and kind. I happen to currently be riding an upswing in this thing called life. I have been patient and persistent. Seeing things as they come my way and the taking the opportunities that have been presented. Arts on the Block is amazing and I have met and worked with some of the best people I have had the pleasure to know. Life is good. I wish I was writing this into my journal but with the way things are going now-a-days seems like internet, technology, and blogging! are the way. 

I am learning so much a long the way. SO MUCH! It’s true everything is a lesson and everyone matters. I am realizing the balance in the universe. I feel like I am a part of everything. It all has meaning. Some I understand and some I don’t… yet. I love my students and I love what I do. Its pretty awesome actually. I teach kids art. 

Positivity. That’s me. I am still learning everyday. Trying to become a better person. Finding my role. 1+1=3. 

Be awesome but get ready to be a bit boring. Need to do work and get better at so much. 

Muay Thai Student. Part-Time MCPS Art Teacher (fingers crossed). Artist. Thinker. Explorer. Concert-goer. Music Listener. Dancer. Lover. Educator. Traveler. Human Being.

I need to go back and update old entries, dump more bookmarked sites here, and continue being awesome. 

Thank God! 


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